In the tech industry, conducting effective technical interviews online has become a necessity. As remote work continues to gain traction, companies need robust strategies to assess technical skills without depending on face-to-face interactions. Here are 7 tips that explore practical tips and tools for conducting technical interviews online, ensuring you identify the best candidates.

1. Choose the Right Technology

Selecting the right platform is key for conducting smooth and professional interviews. Consider platforms that offer stability, excellent call quality, and useful features. Here are some examples of technology to implement:

  • Video conferencing tools – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are popular choices that offer reliable video and audio quality, screen sharing, and recording options.
  • Collaborative coding platforms – tools like CodeSignal, HackerRank, and CoderPad allow candidates to write and run code in real-time. These platforms often include features to test code against predefined test cases, which can help assess a candidate’s coding ability directly.

2. Prepare a Structured Interview Format

Strategic planning is the precursor for productive interviews. Prepare a structured interview format that includes:

  • Technical assessment – allocate specific time for coding tests, problem-solving, and technical questions relevant to the role.
  • Behavioral assessment – allocate time to discuss past projects and experiences that demonstrate the candidate’s soft skills and fit within your team’s culture.
  • Q&A session – allow time for candidates to ask questions, as this helps gauge their interest and expectations about the role and the company.

3. Use Standardized Questions

To fairly assess all candidates, use a set of standardized questions that are directly related to the job’s requirements. Utilizing AI in technical interviews, like ChatGPT, can generate fair and unbiased interview questions to help compare different candidates objectively.

4. Implement Pair Programming

Pair programming during an interview can be an effective way to evaluate a candidate’s coding skills and their ability to collaborate. It involves the interviewer working on a coding problem together with the candidate, which can provide deep insights into the candidate’s thought process, problem-solving skills, and ability to communicate under pressure.

5. Focus on Problem-Solving and Logic

Instead of asking candidates to merely write code, focus on how they approach problem-solving situations. Questions that require candidates to design algorithms or optimize an existing solution are particularly useful in assessing higher-level understanding and analytical skills. AI-powered assessments can help with evaluating complex problem-solving skills through simulations or tailored challenges.

6. Record Interviews for Review

With the candidate’s permission, record interviews for you to review later. This can be helpful when making final hiring decisions, as you can reassess the technical skills and communication abilities of the candidates more accurately.

Another effective strategy is to use pre-recorded interviews. This method involves candidates recording their answers to a set list of questions at their convenience. This allows for a more flexible and comprehensive evaluation of candidates before moving to the more resource-intensive stages of the interview process.

7. Ensure a Good Candidate Experience

Finally, the candidate’s experience during the interview process can significantly impact their perception of your company. Ensure the interview instructions are clear, the technology works smoothly, and the interviewers are respectful and engaging. Follow up promptly with feedback or next steps, which demonstrates respect for the candidate’s time and effort.

By integrating these practices into your online technical interviews, you can streamline your recruitment process, reduce the time-to-hire, and ensure that you select candidates who are not only technically proficient but also a great match for your team’s dynamic. Utilizing the right tools and maintaining a structured, respectful interview process will allow you to successfully adapt to the digital demands of today’s tech hiring landscape.

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